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Grateful Dead Live at Coliseum on 1990-09-08

Set 1

Hell In A Bucket
New Minglewood Blues
Friend Of The Devil
Queen Jane Approximately
Cassidy ->

Set 2

Eyes Of The World ->
Estimated Prophet ->
Terrapin Station ->
Jam ->
Drums ->
Space ->
All Along The Watchtower ->
SteIla Blue ->
Throwing Stones ->
Not Fade Away

One More Saturday Night

Collection GratefulDead
Band/Artist Grateful Dead
Venue Coliseum
Location Richfield, OH

Source SBD -> Dat -> Cassette Master (TDK SA-X100)
Lineage Cassette Master (Nakamichi DR-1) -> Sound Devices 744T (24bit/48k) -> Samplitude Professional v10.02 -> FLAC/16
Taped by Unknown
Transferred by Charlie Miller


Patch Info:
Unknown Mics -> Dat -> CD (shnid=11662) supplies:
Terrapin Station (18:16 - end of track)
Space (0:00 - 0:45)
One More Saturday Night (3:11 - end of track)

-- Set 2 is seamless


Reviewer: konkees - - October 13, 2013
Subject: terrapin jam
this is a good jam out of terrapin; what are your favorites? Try 12-6-89 Oakland
Reviewer: Mind Wondrin - - October 25, 2012
Subject: It's great to get to hear a Miller/SBD of this show.
So, Richfield is known for being the first shows with Vince. The short time in the summer of '90 when we didn't know the fate of the band was quickly steamrolled forward into new-guy curiosity. I recall an optimism that the band knew best and made the correct emotional decision. Course today, with all the biographies that came out, we might second-guess some of those decisions. I was a big Brent-fan and never entirely got used to Vince, though listening to this show I'm loathe to admit this and there's no denying his talent throughout this show and that he played well pre-Bruce. What incredible pressure to step out on front of a sold-out coliseum with fans that you know are listening closely to what you play. Getting tapes of the Richfield shows and hearing the trial-by-fire was a big thing for a couple months in '90. You can tell that a challenge at least as big as a new keyboardist was the tweaking and adjusting from the sound crew (from the AUDS it looks like Vince was brought up in the mix a bit on the 2nd night). The shakeup supposedly created a fuck-it/anything goes approach for awhile (and with this band, that ironically meant these shows were practiced and setlisted).

Maintenance opiate users rarely OD but fame has been known to be mistaken for a little extra invincibility. We now know that Jer really took Brent's death hard and that addicts have one specific coping mechanism. The whole turnover was so fast and IMO it was at this point that the Dead took on the semblance of an unstoppable machine that didn't have all the same reasons for being as it did just a few short years prior - health and scene be damned. A tough time and a weird time, but yet lots of positive group vibes in response.

So what happened at the new debut? It was delicious to hear this tape after it made the rounds (though my original copy was pretty low-gen) and hear just how good the good old new Grateful Dead sounded. At that point I was really wishing I'd had the wherewithal to plan the Paris & London shows (or one of the smaller Euroshows) instead of waiting until December.

1st set starts strong with Hell in a Bucket heavy on swimming and tinkering the sound - keepin' it fresh. Sugaree with Vince is sorta bouncy of the best of the 90s! I crap you negative. Minglewood spirals ether-ish and you might think Deal is just average when it starts but you won't be saying that 5 minutes later. This isn't a typical 90s warm-up 1st set AT ALL; it's an Ohio temblor.

2nd set. Is there an Eyes that ever sounded quite like this? The Watchtower is good (but check the one from the earlier Albany run!). But, it depends what you like - this set's more experimental (and rough in places: Stella, Stones) but doesn't have the flash of the 1st set. It's historic for its length and textures (the jam out of Terrapin) but gimme the 1st set (+ Eyes), which surpasses the more-collected MSG '90s (except for 9/20). Those excitable MSG '90 shows were all about "Dude, they're back!", as good word ricocheted across the land, but there were other great late '90 sets, as evidenced here in what could have been rough-hewn and excusably so. This show was followed by a run at the Philly Spectrum.

Show is Known for:
~The 2nd night of the 1st shows with new member Vince Wellnick, just a month after the death of Brent Mydland (who was only 37; dang that seems young).
~Terrapin jam into Drums - A 15-minute Terrapin. The jam out acquired must-hear status and was popular as filler. It's now extracted on the So Many Roads box Disc 4.
~Eyes - A unique-sounding 17-minute version

Best Source
The Miller92241 SBD sounds aces with great freq representation across the board except the keyboards are mixed too high in the 2nd set (which wasn't the case as per the AUDs). The hansokolow97359 is a great matrix (but loses Phil somewhat in places).

Queen Jane

Best of the year, from this show

Overall Rating = B [4 stars]
1st set: A-
2nd set: B-

Recommended listen, fo sho.
Reviewer: hivibinit - - December 23, 2011
Subject: Best show I attended
This was my fourth show when I had gone previously for the party scene. I left this concert a Dead Head. Have you ever seen that bumber sticker that read "If I have to explain, you won't understand"? Well, I understood clearly after this masterpiece. It was the best of the 48 total shows I attended- including the 8 Garcia Band shows. This musicasl experience was magic in its entirety.
Reviewer: snow_and_rain - - December 2, 2011
Subject: This is a very good show.
The Dead was sounding really strong at the beginning of the Wellnick era. I saw both of these Richfield shows, and that was a really nice run. Jerry soars as the boys roll out a tight set of old standards and carry Vince along. Loser, Cassidy -> Deal a very nice way to end Set I. Set II speaks for itself. Stellar Terrapin. Stellar Stella!

RE: Cheer during Eyes - Listen to the AUD. The house PA system drops out during the "wonderin where the nuthatch winters" line. The audience is simply reacting to this brief technical glitch. This isn't evident on the SBD.
Reviewer: cnyflyfish - - December 2, 2011
Subject: Cheer During Eyes
This was a nice show! My friends and I managed to get 5th row seats at a small ticket outlet in Ithaca NY. The crowd noise could be from when some people up front wanted to make room to dance so they started making a rather large pile of the chairs that the venue had placed down there for seating. It was quite a scene. Great times!
Reviewer: Thad - - September 13, 2011
Subject: The cheer during Eyes
Nice show. Question: what is the audience cheer at 1:45 of Eyes in reference to? Anyone remember? Occurs when Jerry sings: "Wondering where, the nuthatch winters..."
Reviewer: Fillmore1970 - - December 27, 2010
Subject: Very Nice, Underappreciated Show
Garcia stepped it up a notch on this one (in part to cover for newbie Welnick) - tight, inspired playing throughout. IMO, one of the strongest gigs of the Vince era... in large part because Vince was (for a beautiful, fleeting moment) so unobtrusive. MASSIVE Estimated.
Reviewer: majordomo - - July 21, 2010
Subject: cleveland mellow
always dug going to cleveland shows. just the right sort of energy for me. midwest i suppose. i completely lost my sense of self in this eyes of the world. it clocks in impressively. i like this board more than the matrix.
Reviewer: rick e. - - March 21, 2009
Subject: Solid !
No one knew what to expect at these shows ,but the boys pulled off a great series of shows.After this show it seemed the road would go on forever with awesome shows ,but sadly by '92 the magical moments were few and far in between.I try to listen to '92-'95 but it's mostly just sad.Compared to '95 Jerry still looked a bit youthful in '89-'91,and still could deliver some nice vocals .
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Source: Schoeps CMC3/MK4 (ORTF) > unknown mic power & lead dat deck > Coax SPDIF > Casio DA-7 > Sony DT-Dat tape. FOB aprx 30-feet from stage, mics handheld at apprx 5-1/2 feet.
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Source: Source info: FOB/Schoeps CMC 34's (ortf)> DAT> 1:1 clone DAT's provided by Lance Deal; Transfer Info: Fostex D-5 (AES/BU)> Luminuous Monarch>(s/pdif) M-Audio Audiophile 2496> Audacity @ 16/48> 16/44> CD Wav (tracking)> TLH (SBE's/Flac16/md5); Transferred and liberated to bt.etree on September 4, 2014 by Will Petty
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Source: flac16/48kHz; Source: Schoeps CMC4/MK21 > Oade Cap Coupled Supply > Panasonic SV250 > DAT (48 khz); Config/Location: 110 degrees FOB Section 5, Row E, Seat 7;
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Source: Schoeps CMC-441's > Panasonic SV-255> DAT (clone)
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Source: Set 1 Only Source: (handheld/ORTF/110^/DFC/FOB) B&K 4011s > Neumann BS48i-2 > SV-255 > DAT(m);